College and University Banners
Custom Banners for Colleges & Universities

College and University Banners

If your college or university is looking for a supplier for felt or tackle twill banners please consult with KEB Banners specialists.

We can supply your schools collegiate banners with the old fashioned look and feel to your book store for retail purchase or work with sports, alumni or clubs or organizations on campus to produce custom college banners for any occasion or commemoration.

Many universities nationwide have come to rely on quality KEB Banners to supply their championship, podium and award banners. University departments appreciate the quality of KEB's custom felt banners and are pleased with our customer service and attention to detail.

Lake Erie College Banner
Lake Erie College Banner

Cost conscious departments enjoy the fact that KEB Banner pricing allows them to create custom felt banners to commemorate an accomplishment or event with the time honored, quality look of felt at reasonable prices.

KEB Banners always gives colleges and universities special educational pricing. Plus seasonal or other discounts may apply. Just ask our banner specialists about seasonal pricing.

Use our quotes form or call KEB during our support hours below. You will find KEB Banner specialists take the work and worry out of the university felt banner creation process.

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