Custom Fraternity Banner
Custom Fraternity and Sorority Banner

Fraternity Banners

Your Fraternity needs a KEB Banners Fraternity banner. All you need to do is assign someone to design it. Too busy studying? Yeah, okay... KEB's banner specialists are here to assist! We can hook you up with a fabulous frat banner that will be the envy of every greek house on campus. Made of academic felt or tough tackle twill just like our sport and award banners, and imprinted with your letters, design or other art. Over the years we have been called upon to create some rather unique banners for graduate students also. Call our banner specialists to discuss or order fraternity banners.

Sorority Banners

KEB Banners and more produces your sorority's felt or tackle twill banner designs to your specifications. Give your house or event a touch of old fashioned prestige with an elegant appliqued felt banner. KEB's tackle twill sorority banners have a more modern look and are machine washable. For economy conscious sororities KEB Banners offers econoline heat pressed felt with flock lettering and designs. With any option you are assured of quality worksmanship.

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