Heat Pressed Felt
Heat Pressed Felt Banner

Econoline Pressed Felt Banners™

Schools, organizations on a tight budget, KEB Banners has a very attractive felt banner option that saves you approximately 50%! Econoline pressed felt banners™ with flock lettering and designs heat pressed at temperatures and pressures that seal all elements of the banner together. KEB guarantees Econoline pressed felt banners™ elements to never peel or come loose.

Econoline pressed felt banners™ have the look and feel of higher priced applique felt banners and are made from the same quality felt. Econoline pressed felt banners ™ are the choice of many cost-conscious schools, companies or organizations that appreciate the quality appearance of felt banners.

Many schools for example, have affordably replaced all their aging banners using pressed felt, keeping the quality collegiate look of felt while brightening school spirit with beautiful, vibrant new banners.

See Examples of Pressed Felt Here