Tackle Twill Banners Applique

Applique Tackle Twill
Tackle Twill Banner

Banners made from tackle twill fabric have replaced nylon and satin banners whenever a shimmering appearance and machine washable durability is desired. Tackle twill's modern polyester blend fabric doesn't run like nylon and is a heavier blend than satin.

KEB Banners machine applique stitches tackle twill borders, lettering, and when specified, mascot, logo, seal, crest or other artwork on to the tackle twill banner. When needed for multi-color designs KEB Banners can screenprint artwork on tackle twill banners.

The initial cost of tackle twill banners is approximately the same as applique stitched felt banners however tackle twill banners are less costly to maintain.

Applique stitched Tackle Twill Banners are very popular as parade banners and away banners as their durability and easy maintenance makes them prime candidates for portable applications.

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